Comedy Store resurrects The 400 Lounge pride

Comedy Store resurrects The 400 Lounge pride

Ever since Comedy Store made The 400 Bar and Lounge their new home every Thursday evening, night life fun is back to the Bukoto based bar.  The 400 is every Thursdays filled with comedy lovers to watch their favourite comedians hosted by Alex Muhangi do their thing. After the comedy show, revellers descend into the main 400 bar lounge, a thing that has put life back into the bar. In The 400 is now the place to be every Thursday and it is surely giving its rival Diners a run for their money.

“Thanks to everyone who was part of our second show at The 400 last evening. We appreciate the support and for choosing to spend your Thursdays hanging with us. It was a great episode. The punchlines and entertainment came in handy.

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Add to that a surprise performance from Jajja w’abayimbi a.k.a Ragga Dee and King Michael, and you get worthwhile show. Thanks Dee for endorsing the show.

The show featured comics; Mariachi, Amooti, The Talkers, Dolibondo, MC Kalevu and renowned dancer Ibra Buwembo together with his crew. Those guys can dance!!

Geo Steady then crowned the night and my oh my! Ladies love this guy. He hadn’t set his foot on stage but he found a chic waiting to wrap him in a 3 minute long hug. How did I not choose being a musician as a career? Y’all be there having our women crush on you and all we do is pay so that they come watch u perform? This is gross injustice.

Lydia Jazmine slayed to the stage too, Isaac Rucci, Bigsize Bebecool….. it was Star studded.

Anyway, thanks to the Comedy Store team, service providers, The 400 and All our Sponsors Jameson, Galaxy Fm, Masters Music, iFind, NTV and Money Gram for making the show possible. We do it again next week Thursday. Catch the show on NTV (Tues 10pm, Fri 12noon) in case u missed. Cheers. Alex,” Alex Muhangi.



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