Comedian Patrick Salvado’s Just Comedy show returns next month

Comedian Patrick Salvado’s Just Comedy show returns next month

Funny man Patrick Idringi Salvado’s weekly comedy show is set to return on September 8th after about two years of waiting.

Salvado’s ‘Just Comedy’ was launched at Kingdom Kampala and was a weekly show until when the COVID-19-19 pandemic hit the country and the economy was locked for two years.

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In a press conference held on Monday at Canary gardens in Kyanja, the comedian confirmed that the weekly comedy show will return and will be taking place at Canary Gardens in Kyanja and not Kingdom Kampala.

Salvado said that the reason the weekly comedy show will happen in Kyanja is because he is doing it for charity and the aim of the show it to help the people of Kyanja, a neighborhood that he also comes from.

The comedian said that the idea was given birth to in lockdown after what he witnessed in his neighbourhood.

“During the two years of lockdown, things were tough, we lost four people in one week in our neighbourhood, people were crying of hunger among other things” Salvado recalls.

He goes on to say that through their community whatsapp group, they tried to mobilize funds to help the less privileged in Kyanja community but the help wasn’t enough since at that time, not everyone was financial steady.

This was when he talked to some of the people in his community and pitched the idea of them supporting him to do his weekly comedy show at Canary gardens in Kyanja so as the money that comes in is put into the community bank account.

The man from Ombokolo believes that the money can help in future incase someone needs help. The show will kick off on September 8th at Kyanja Canary gardens and will happen every Thursday featuring all top comedians and artistes.

Entrance to the Just comedy show will be Shs20,000, Shs50,000 and Shs500,000 for a table of 8 people.

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