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Coke Studio Africa targets fans with a music App

The interactive music app is the only place you can get all Coke Studio Africa content in one place from African musicians across the continent

Coke Studio has made it easier to enjoy watching and listening to music from the TV show via a mobile phone.

Coca-Cola Central East and West Africa has launched the Coke Studio Mobile App, available on both the Google play store and the Samsung store. The mobile application is built on the Android platform and it enables its users to stream, download and create playlists of music from Coke Studio Africa Season 2, 3 and 4.

The Coke Studio Mobile App launch is timely and relevant for the African continent, particularly in Uganda which has a 64% (23,488,000) mobile phone penetration and 32.5% (11,927,000) internet penetration. (Internet Live stats, GSM Intelligence and Google statistics)

Navio made a big announcement at Coke studios

Speaking during the launch, Simon Kariithi, the Internet and Mobile Director for Samsung Electronics East Africa expounded on their involvement with the app.

“Samsung is a global leader in innovation, and we always have our consumers at heart. By embracing a platform like the Coke Studio mobile app, we believe that we have an opportunity to create great experiences for our esteemed consumers as they discover new music. Hosting this application on our Galaxy Apps store is part of our ongoing commitment to technology and consumer trends,” he said

The app, which gives consumers a chance to listen to and discover music from over 50 African artists, is available in 5 languages: English, French, Portuguese, Swahili and Amharic, making it a truly Pan-African experience.

Waithera Kabiru, Digital Marketing Manager, Coca-Cola Central, East & West Africa, expounded on the role the app will play on the consumer journey.

“We are very excited to launch the Coke Studio mobile app, as it will enable millions of youth around Africa who love music to be able to access great content on their phones. Through the mobile app, users are able to listen to content on demand from the TV show via audio streaming or video, and download the music or create playlists for future listening” she said. “It’s truly a revolutionary experience”.

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