Coke Studio Africa 2017 Ugandan Artist Profile: Meet Ykee Benda ‘The Boy So Tender’

Coke Studio Africa 2017 Ugandan Artist Profile: Meet Ykee Benda ‘The Boy So Tender’

Tugume Wycliff, most commonly known as ‘Ykee Benda’ is a Ugandan musician and producer, who is signed on to Badi Music Label. Some of his popular songs include Kyenkyebula, Munakampala, Farmer and Malaika. He makes his debut on Coke Studio Africa 2017 in the Big Break Segment collaborating with Jah Prayzah (Zimbabwe) and Mr Bow (Mozambique).

His Big Break

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The multi-talented Ykee Benda started doing covers before launching his professional career in November 2015. This year, he won Breakthrough Artist and Best Collaboration of the Year in the recently concluded Zzina Awards (Uganda).

He Does It All On His Own

Besides recording music, Ykee writes songs for himself and other artists as well. He also produces his own tracks. His inspiration comes from listening to African contemporary music and the Afro Beat genre. He has collaborated with Coke Studio Africa 2017 diva from Uganda, Sheebah Karungi on the remix of his song Farmer – a hit song that is credited with putting him on the map. Besides music, Benda is also a representative of Reach a Hand, an initiative that supports girl education.

Behind The Music

Ykee Benda was born to Alex and Ruth Mpakanyi and is the seventh born in a family of eight. He grew up in Kireka, a suburb in the Ugandan capital Kampala. Benda started singing in the Sunday school choir in a small church around his home and his passion for music grew tremendously while in campus in Annaba, Algeria, where he started by doing covers of different kinds of music while learning song writing and vocal training. Ykee also loves football and is a staunch supporter of the Arsenal Football Club.

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