CNOOC Uganda Limited conducts a Hygiene & Sanitation Campaign

CNOOC Uganda Limited conducts a Hygiene & Sanitation Campaign

Kikuube: Today, CNOOC Uganda Limited, an oil and gas company has organized a clean-up activity in the village of Kyabasambu under the theme ‘A clean environment for a healthy community’.

Kyabasambu village is an urbanized and densely populated settlement within Buhuka parish, but is also in close proximity with most of the Kingfisher projects.

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The campaign is aimed at demonstrating to the communities the importance of ensuring proper hygiene and sanitation for health and safety, encourage the Village Heath Teams and hygiene and sanitation groups to champion efforts to promote proper waste disposal, and to support the community by exhibiting in action the value we attach to our host communities.

A total of 100 participants including CNOOC Uganda Limited staff ,The district leadership like LC3 Chairperson Kyangwali Sub-county, the LC1 Chairpersons of Nsonga A&B, Nsunzu A&B, Kyabasambu and Kyakapere villages, the community members as well as CNOOC Uganda contractors- Kagga and Partners, MBW Consult, KATT Consult, Excel Construction, GCC, Equator, Beautiful Engineering, Kato Construction & SAMKA.

Community members were mobilized to participate so as to co-own the initiative, appreciate and get motivated going forward to embrace it as ongoing process and nature a culture of safe hygiene and sanitation.

“I thank the people of Buhuka for accepting, supporting and hosting the Kingfisher Project since it started operations here. You have been good neighbors and we hope that we can continue this great relationship so as to further benefit from the project,” said Mr. Ma Peixin, Vice President, CNOOC Uganda Limited.

“Thank you CNOOC Uganda Limited for this great initiative which reaches out to our people. We pledge our continued support to ensure the progress of our region because we can only achieve a lot when we work together as a team. I am sure that this campaign shall act as a wakeup call for our people and remind them of the importance of staying and keeping in a clean environment,” stated Bisemeza Emmanuel, LC III, Kyangwali Sub County.

“This year, 2022, CNOOC Uganda Limited implemented a sanitation and hygiene awareness program in the villages of Buhuka with the purpose of working with the communities to keep the environment they live in clean and habitable. To this end, the company donated waste bins and also held sanitation and hygiene competitions where the best clean homesteads were rewarded; Village Health Teams were empowered and donated bicycles to further support their mobilization towards Primary Health Care,” stated Aminah Bukenya, Media and Publicity Manager.

CNOOC Uganda Limited Once again, the company is here to consolidate the efforts of that activity, to work with all the community members to clean our villages of the waste that is likely to affect our health, the environment and all the other negative effects of poor waste disposal.

“As a good neighbor and a trusted friend, CNOOC Uganda Limited is committed to a win win relationship with its key stakeholder and has therefore been involved in community projects such as expanding the existing gravity water flow scheme, HIV/AIDs Awareness, Road Safety Awareness, Sanitation and Hygiene Campaigns, water improvement, support to the health facilities to improve social service delivery especially in our area of operation,” affirmed Zakalia Lubega, Head of Corporate Affairs.

CNOOC Uganda Limited donated cleaning materials to the various groups involved in sanitation and hygiene activities in order to continue with this good work. A commitment was also made that going forward, local communities can collect all plastic waste and handover to CNOOC Uganda Limited for further disposal.

The company is confident that this cleaning exercise shall act as a turning point for the community members to be sensitive towards a clean environment and for the leaders to dedicate a day in a week or a month towards keeping the communities clean.

Today, the company also supported the youth programs through donation of footballs and netballs so that they can continue to develop their talents and engage in healthy sports activities to reap the benefits of good health. Since 2012, CNOOC Uganda Limited has implemented corporate social responsibility projects in the fields of education, health, sports and during disaster times. Thus, this has contributed to the social wellbeing of the communities.

CNOOC Uganda Limited reaffirms its commitment to the efficient and effective development of the Kingfisher Development Area in a health, safe, environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.

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