City socialite denies commercial sex chat

City socialites Sharne Natukunda alias Sharon has denied ever flying abroad to have sex for money. A few weeks ago, we revealed a chat between Millicent, Sharne’s friend negotiating the deal on behalf of her.


Our sources have now learnt that Millicent was the one solely involved in the deal and she was wanted to con some Nigerian guy.


Millicent was tricked by a fake account of Mathew Ogbu who wanted to get back at her. The two were exposed as serial international commercial sex sellers who travel regularly abroad to have their honey pot banged for some dollars.


Sharne accused Millecent of sending pictures to a person she wasn’t sure of and she has since apologized to Sharon.


“Listen Shan, calm down the staff has already spread. I made a mistake and texted someone with a fake account. Sorry but nothing can be done because the person is trying to get back me I think,” Millicent said.

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