City Model Hijira Tells Sheebah ‘Keep Off My Man’

Singer Sheebah Karungi is in trouble after a city model Hijira Sucre accused her of trying to snatch her man.Accused: Sheebah KarungiAccused: Sheebah Karungi

Angry Hijira of Crystal Models stormed her social media page Facebook told the ‘Twesana’ singer to stick her hands into girls’ pants than her man. The model went to warn the singer that if she doesn’t stop encroaching on her man or any other of her friends, she will expose her dirty linen to the media. “My guy got the sweetest woman in me, why cant you go and settle,” Hijira said.Hijira Sucre accused singer Sheebah Karungi of trying to snatch her man Hijira Sucre accused singer Sheebah Karungi of trying to snatch her man

Below is her attack on Facebook.

Hijira A Sucre; Someone should tell #SheebahKarungi to stick her hands where they are used to be(gal pants)…next time she lays her bitchy hands on my man or anyone I know I will be forced to expose her dirty linen in papers…seriously being a one hit wonder doesn’t make u famous moron,stick that in your detoriating body(guy yafuna omukazzi amuwomela okuzinga gwe kati SETTLE ) SERIOUSLY KANNO AKANTU KAMAZE KU BANTU EMIREMBE…It seems you are now used to beatings from the Good Lyfe boys and Chameleone kati you need an extra push…find another bed to warm you………..

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