City commercial model Efrance Nakitto clears air over dating rumours


City sexy commercial model Efrance Nakitto has cleared the air over rumours that she is dating Katende Muhammad of Katende Muhammad Photography.

Efrance Nakitto has cleared the air over dating rumours

Speaking to Showbiz Uganda Spy, Efrance said she is not dating Katende and wants to make it clear that the rumours doing rounds are aimed at tarnishing her name, her family and that of Katende.

Efrance with Katende who is their family friend

“Katende is a family friend as well as my good friend and more so a good friend to my daughter and there is nothing more to that, I am in a committed relationship with someone I love and surely today let me clear it,” Efrance said.

It all began when someone started doing lots of funny moves to tarnish Efrance’s name.  She opened up a fake Facebook accounts and kept giving out Efrance’s phone number to ‘horny’ men claiming it was the later looking for love.

Looking jolly and with a smile on face, Efrance said she doesn’t know why someone would do such to her and yet she is in a very happy relationship with someone else and getting married soon.

Katende with Efrance’s daughter and Flavia Namulindwa of Bukedde TV

“I have known Katende Muhammad as a married man and twin father, I don’t poke my nose in things that are not my business, if he separated with the wife as i have heard, it’s not my business, and i have a relationship to protect. I once again deny the rumor that am dating Katende Muhammad of Katende Muhammad photography. He is just a family friend more so to my daughter. I am committed to someone else and wedding bells on the way,” She added.

Katende is married to Zamarad Katende but it is said the two separated a few months ago and are no longer together.

Efrance and Katende posing for a selfie

“Personally I can never fight for a man, I’m way much better than that. At least I know my worth,” the model added. There you have it from the horse’s mouth!!!



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