City businessman close to opposition party NUP disappears

City businessman close to opposition party NUP disappears

A Kampala business man linked to the opposition political National Unity Platform (NUP) has unceremoniously disappeared reportedly.

Close family members have intimated to this news agency that his disappearance is linked with his NUP support.

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The businessman identified as Eddie Ssembatya Ssenkungu alias Muwanvu is suspected to have been in possession of National Unity Platform (NUP) kits that includes T shirts, Shirts, capes, Tags and other party items baring NUP labels.

It is yet confirmed whether Muwanvu as he is popularly referred in city business center is in the hands of security agencies or he just decided to disappear.

His shop located at Nabugabo street in Kampala has not been opened for the last few days.

Friends confirmed to us that Muwanvu is being witch hunted for political reasons because of staunch support of NUP.

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