Charles N Lambert sets his sights on Black Wall Street as he surrenders management of 25 Development Channel companies to Caroline Waweru

The Black Wall Street (BWS) is so serious and focused that Charles N. Lambert wants to give it 100% attention.

The BWS will trigger the first ever Africa Economic War starting with initial investment in mobile devices industry in Africa of $60 billion capital flight channel with disruptive commerce to begin a massive economic war in multiple sectors for Africa’s glory.

This war requires total commitment and full attention 24 hours a day.

And being a must win war, Lambert sees this as an opportunity that would scare economic invaders from Africa for the next millennium.

This has forced him to give Caroline Lambert the opportunity to head the other 25 companies under Development Channel.

Charles N Lambert

Caroline will take over as Development Channel General Chief Executive Officer on 14th May 2020.

She is excited to take charge of overseeing this very important leap for the conglomerate coordinating international television producers and CEOs to meet the needs of people in 192 countries.

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