Charles N. Lambert says wake up Uganda

Charles N. Lambert says wake up Uganda

The Black Wall Street Economic War activist Charles N. Lambert is not about to give up until Africa achieves economic independence.  He has penned an educative letter telling how Africans especially Ugandans can win the Economic War.

The call Centre set up by Development Channel

In the letter, Lambert called on Ugandans to wake and know that we are Africa. “We are one, the boundaries were created by Europeans and no African was there, let us put Africa first,” he said.  Below is the full letter;
“I offered economic wisdom to them but they said I was Nigerian and the wisdom must be fraudulent. I provided jobs for thousands of their youth but they said I was using them.
I built the largest call center in Africa in their country but every day they sent local police to harass people there.

Charles N. Lambert

Unlimited Internet - Uganda
I gave a platform for their celebrities to shine on African stage but they said they are the ones who made me.
I exalted their President and referred to his wisdom but they said I am using his name to support my criminal intentions.
I told them their country could be great but even their top most leaders said I should rather do that for my own country.

Uganda, this boundary you refer to was designed by White people living in Europe in a meeting and most of them had never even been to Africa and not a single African was in the meeting that created what you now call Uganda. We are one people, one continent, one destiny. Africa First,” Lambert penned.

Youth in a conference at Freedom City

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