Charles Lambert rolling; 11,020 IT jobs created in India by Africa development Initiative

Charles Lambert rolling; 11,020 IT jobs created in India by Africa development Initiative

The Africa development initiative is part of a private sector-led international development agenda which was initiated by the Trinity platform comprising of the Black Wall Street, Redirect Mall, and Development Channel to breach the global development divide through the use of a new economic model known as Compassionate capitalism. Compassionate Capitalism also known as “Grazing the Cow” is a new Investment Points based economic system created by the innovator Charles N. Lambert which aims to alleviate poverty through mechanisms that empower the consumer.

Africa is statistically, the most disadvantaged economically in the whole world. As a result, Compassionate Capitalism in its test run is being implemented in Africa and this philosophy is now gaining serious traction and technology is a critical component of the success of this economic system with great focus on the industrialization of Africa, something that has never happened in this history of the world.

Unlimited Internet - Uganda

This high technology requirement has therefore led to the establishment of the India Africa Technology Pact signed in MOU by the Black Wall Street and Indian Partner Placement Expert. The India Africa technology Pact will immediately recruit into a Black Wall Street department known as Platform Pro, 11,020 IT professionals in Web developers and IT instructors.

The last time India was involved in this capacity with Africa was during the British Colonization of Africa when Indians were hired to build the railways and most chose to remain in Africa till today. Now through the India Africa Technology Pact, Africans themselves can collaborate with Indians to bring technology to Africa for its Industrialisation.

The agency, Placement Expert whose spokesperson Mr. Jasmin Chande has communicated that he will make sure the Indians continue to enjoy the opportunity created by Africans and many are expected to travel to Black Wall Street Headquarters in East Africa for technology training of African industrialists.

India has a population of 1 billion people; Africa has a population of 1.3 billion people BUT is 9 times as big as India.

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