Chameleone loses Instagram account to hackers, opens new one

Legendary singer Jose Chameleone has lost his original Instagram account to hackers. The account was hacked into by unknown ‘goons’ rendering it inaccessible to the ‘Bayuda’ singer. The singer who is on his Legend Hit After Hit world tour has surrendered efforts to restore his old account. He has since opened a new a one called ‘OfficialJoseChameleone’.

Jose Chameleone’s new Instagram account

“We have lost bigger things in Life that can never be replaced. Thanks my friends and fans who keep me inspired to keep Going. I lost my old Instagram Account to hackers. Please follow my new Instagram Account OfficialJoseChameleone. Tell my Instagram friends and yours too to follow and let’s roll again as we have very little time to waste with Hackers. Thanks..Leone Island Music Empire,” Jose Chameleone said.

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