Chameleone already serving Ugandans, shipping 250,000 solar panels for rural Ugandans

Chameleone already serving Ugandans, shipping 250,000 solar panels for rural Ugandans

While Jose Chameleone’s intentions to lead Kampala as Lord Mayor after 2021 have just been known to the public, the singer and now cum Lord Mayor contestant had earlier last year started plans to make the city a better place.

We have learnt that the singer last year while on his tour in Europe bumped into WakaWaka CEO Maurits Groen and in their talks engaged him into venturing into rural parts of Uganda. “Chameleone last year asked Maurits Groen through his intiative to light up the world with Solar to provide same aid to rural part of Uganda.” A source told us. It should be noted this was before he held any intentions to stand as Lord Mayor come 2021.

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With his 2021 intentions clear now, Jose Chameleone is said to have successfully lured Maurits Groen into shipping about 250,000 solar panels to Uganda and intends to distribute them to needing Ugandans.

If this is Chameleone’s plan, isn’t a leader who looks further than depending on own country economy a better one? Chameleone seems to be a leader of opportunities

Who is Maurits Groen?

Maurits Groen is a Dutch communications consultant, activist and entrepreneur who deals with environmental and development issues. Groen is known as an advocate for sustainability, initiator of sustainable coalitions and founder of companies.
He is the founder of WakaWaka a global social enterprise that developed and sold portable solar products for people without access to electricity. The company was founded in 2012 by Maurits Groen and Camille van Gestel. WakaWaka means “shine bright” in Swahili. For every WakaWaka purchased, a solar light was donated to a family living without access to electricity.

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