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Carol Flower: ‘Success story of My Life’

GXP Gospel show on NTV Uganda, Carolyn Flower aka Carol Flower has today woken up on the right side of the bed. The presenter has today decided to tell the success story in her life to the whole world. Here it is;

My life story;

At 16 years, i got my first Job at a restaurant where I worked but mainly in holidays as a waitress and cashier and i was earning 40k. I depended on tips mainly.

My second job at 21 years earned me 100k and would take between 2 to 3 months to get my salary but still I woke up in the mornings and went to work.

My 3rd Job at 24 years earned me 400k and the monies would come in time and it has been getting better each passing year.

About my Salon it all started in my sitting room at 24 years.
Every Saturday i would clear my sitting room and would work on bridal entourage at the amount of 300k and 500k. 500k was the highest I could charge despite the number of people I worked on.
I did door to door services and never felt ashamed of working on people in their houses.
I travelled long journeys in the buses. Mainly in the nights so I’m in time in the mornings.
Customers are the hardest people to deal with as they all are different in characters but still I smiled and was always humble before them.

Today I own Salon Fezabu Beauty Salon, Am not yet there but I’m getting there.
For you to make it in life, avoid looking down on humble beginnings. Don’t look at how beautiful you are. The good body shape you have, the fine color you have, the beautiful nails you have, don’t look at the muscles (guys), the heights, and the fine looks.
Forget about the many parties, Work hard and enjoy later.
Successful people always look forward to solving Tomorrow’s problems.

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