Capricorn Lounge boosts Namugongo Entertainment industry

Capricorn Lounge boosts Namugongo Entertainment industry

Residents of Namugongo, Kyaliwajjala, Kira, Kireka, Jjanda and surrounding areas have another chance to enjoy nightlife with a feeling of freshness. A new joint, Capricorn Lounge just opened its doors to the public.

With services such as Massage, Steam, Sauna, Accommodation, Washing Bay and Restaurant, one is guaranteed to access all these under one roof at Capricorn Lounge. The proprietor a one Julius Atalyeba partnered with renowned Bar promoter and Businessman John Luke Tambiti to ensure that residents in the area enjoy maximum fun worth their money.

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Asked what the public should expect from Capricorn Lounge, Tambiti had this to sag: “We’re bringing first class entertainment to the people of Namugongo and surrounding areas. We are going to launch themes like Comedy Night, Retro Thursdays, Ug Night, among others. Every day will bring an excitement of its own, every day is a party day at Capricorn Lounge and our prices are all customer friendly.

John Luke Tambiti

Capricorn is here to stay and is open to everyone. The security is tight, the environment conducive, and the ambiance is perfect, everybody is welcome.”
Located in Namugongo, just opposite Shell after the Catholic #Shrine, Capricorn Lounge is one place that needs to be checked out.
You can also find them on 0772072308, 0752445055, 0701057417 or find them on or their Facebook page : Capricorn Lounge Namugongo.

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