Cameroon Gitawo warns his fans of fake Facebook account

Cameroon Gitawo's official Facebook Account

South African based Ugandan tycoon and showbiz personality, Cameroon Gitawo real name Chris Mbibo has warned that his enemies are using his name on Facebook to con people.

Cameroon Gitawo's official Facebook Account
Cameroon Gitawo’s official Facebook Account

The tycoon has had his two Facebook accounts hacked and Passwords changed denying him accessibility. He has since ceased using those accounts because he can’t access them. He called on his fans that the only account he is officially using is Cameroon Gitawo (Mbibo Official) which he created of recent.


“This is my only Facebook account and the rest I don’t know who uses so stand warned, I called upon my fans and followers to follow me on this account, thank you,” Gitawo said.


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