C-Care Uganda Offers Discounted Cancer Screening Services at the Rotary Cancer Run and Clinics Across Uganda

C-Care Uganda Offers Discounted Cancer Screening Services at the Rotary Cancer Run and Clinics Across Uganda

Kampala; C-Care, Uganda’s largest private healthcare network, today offered discounted prostrate and cervical cancer screening to hundreds of Ugandans at the 2023 Rotary Cancer Run held in Kampala and around the country.

The screenings were offered at Kololo Independence Grounds – the main site of the run and are being carried out at all C-Care clinics and hospitals across the country till the end of August.

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The annual run is an initiative of Rotary in Uganda aimed at raising over shs2 billion to aid the construction of cancer treatment facilities in Uganda, at St. Francis Hospital Nsambya Hospital, to enable Ugandans to access treatment facilities that are currently accessed out of the country.

While taking part in the run, Dr Aleesha Adatia, an oncologist at C-Care applauded the initiative because almost every Ugandan has been affected by cancer in one way or another. She, in a special way recognised the cancer survivors and the hope their stories give.

Dr. Aleesha said, “Amid the ongoing battle, cancer survivors serve as beacons of hope, illustrating the strength of the human spirit. Celebrating their stories and resilience not only raises awareness about the potential for recovery but also inspires others to continue fighting in the face of adversity. Cancer doesn’t affect only the individual diagnosed; it impacts entire families and support networks.

The unwavering dedication of caregivers and loved ones, who stand by the side of cancer patients, deserves recognition. Their tireless efforts, emotional support, and commitment make a substantial difference in the journey towards recovery.”

She further urged Ugandans to take preventative measures by doing regular screens and check-ups, leading healthy life styles and seeking professional health care in case of detection.
She said, “Cancer, when detected early, often presents more treatment options and a better prognosis. Raising awareness about the importance of regular screenings empowers individuals to take control of their health and seek medical attention at the earliest signs of concern. Mammograms, colonoscopies, and skin checks are just a few examples of screenings that can catch cancer in its initial stages. These tests are available at C- Care clinics.”

She concluded, “Cancer awareness isn’t just information – it’s a lifeline. It’s the difference between catching a potential threat in its early stages and facing an advanced, more challenging battle. By being aware, we become advocates for our own health, armed with the knowledge to identify warning signs and prioritize regular check-ups. In a world where information is power, cancer awareness stands as a sentinel of life, offering the chance for prevention, early intervention, and the triumphant stories of countless survivors.”

This year’s Cancer run, under the theme “Running For Hope” was led by the Centenary Bank Managing Director, Fabian Kasi, who was the chief runner and attracted Ugandans of all walks of life from 40 towns and Cities across the country.

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