Buwembe HCII was upgraded to HC III

Buwembe HCII was upgraded to HC III

As part of Government’s move to increase access to health services, every subcounty must have a Health Centre III.
To achieve this, a decision was taken to gradually upgrade all HCIIs to HCIIIs, and construct new ones where there was no HC III.

So far, 191 HCIIs were upgraded to HCIIIs in FY 2019/20, 105 HCIIs are being upgraded in FY 2020/21 and the last 35 HCIIs will be upgraded in FY 2021/22. This will bring total number of HCIIs upgraded to HCIIIs to 331.

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Additionally, 62 new HC IIIs are being constructed in newly created subcounties. This will bring the total number of Health Center IIIs upgraded from HCIIs and those newly established to 393 in the country.


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