Bunyonyi Safaris Resort, the luxurious resort on the shores of Lake Bunyonyi and a must visit holiday destination

Bunyonyi Safaris Resort, the luxurious resort on the shores of Lake Bunyonyi and a must visit holiday destination

On the shores of Lake Bunyonyi in Kabale district South Western Uganda lays luxurious and posh country side resort ‘Bunyonyi Safaris’. The resort is well known for its gorilla tracking expeditions, a comfortable and affordable holiday destination.

Since 2002, Bunyonyi Safaris Resort has been providing resort service to holiday lovers and those with love for tourism for Gorilla Tracking expeditions.

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What is Bunyonyi Safaris Resort (BSR)?


Bunyonyi Safaris is a Ugandan owned family business incorporated in October 1996 which has since 2002 been in the business of travel, transport and tourism. Located on the shores of Lake Bunyonyi, the Resort is ideal for individuals, fun loving groups and families.

BSR’s vision is to offer excellent hospitality, showcase the best of Uganda’s culture, natural beauty and contribute to community development in a sustainable and environmental friendly way and values are Excellency, integrity and respect.


Through their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Bunyonyi Safaris Resort endeavors to make a difference through employment and training of local youths at the resort. They also support local initiatives geared towards poverty reduction and environmental conservation.

BSR is committed to continually improving their services to meet their clients’ needs and expectations by taking in feedback from their clients and bringing their services closer to every potential client through advertisement and personal engagement using their social media accounts and contacts.


They also have continued to create a comfortable haven for relaxation and enjoyment by being trustworthy and having prior bookings and preparations in accordance with clients’ choices of visitations.

The resort’s management encourages their guests to visit their recommended charitable projects and give back some love.

Visit Bunyonyi Safaris today for fun, for mental therapy, for physical relaxation and live to tell the beauty of the pearl of Africa.

Call +256706485538 or WhatsApp on +256751199341 or email them at hotel@bunyonyisafaris.com, sales@bunyonyisafaris.com or visit their website www.bunyonyisafarisresort.com

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