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Bubble Ushering Agency ready to roll in the competitive industry

Myra Nakibuuka, a third year student pursuing entrepreneurship at Makerere University Business School (MUBs) has not waited to finish her course. She is already practicing her entrepreneurial skills. Last year, Myra started Bubble Ushering Agency and it’s pretty doing well out there.

Myra Nakibuuka (L) is the CEO of Bubble Ushering Agency

Today caught up with her and below is the full exclusive interview;

Bubble Ushering Agency boss: Myra Nakibuuka

Showbiz Uganda: Tell us about Bubble Ushering Agency?

Myra: Bubble Ushering Agency was started in 2018 by myself (Myra Nakibuuka). It is an ushering agency which deals in ushering activities at weddings, introductions & Giveaways, birthdays, seminars, awards, anniversaries, meetings, private parties, graduations, launching, Naming ceremony and other related functions.

Showbiz Uganda: Being a student, how did this idea come into your mind?

Myra: I used to do promotions for Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL) back then and from there, i said i can do this on my own by starting my own ushering company. This is how Bubble Ushering Company was born.

Showbiz Uganda: You are still a student busy with books, how do you perfect the two?

Myra: Most of my gigs are on weekends and if it happens during school time, i send my girls and then join them later after lectures. Or at times, i miss class to do work for clients.

Showbiz Uganda: How do you find this job?

Myra: It is very good, very interesting and i love what am doing. It gives me courage when i do this work and someone appreciates.

Showbiz Uganda: What are the challenges you have faced?

Myra: I still find transportation as an issue since we still small, at times clients give you little money and you travel long distances and work extra hours. There are also clients who are harsh.

Showbiz Uganda: How long do you plan to last in this?
Myra: I see myself there for some good time. I am planning to make it big in this industry.

Showbiz Uganda: How would you describe the ushering industry Uganda

Myra: It’s growing and we are optimistic it will do better and better in the years to come.

Yes there is stiff competition because ushers are everywhere these days but we have to work hard and be up there. Competition too is healthy.

Showbiz Uganda: What are your plans on tackling this

Myra: To keep doing good and excellent work. Advertising my work and to keep smartness. We will also make sure we are perfect at what we do and deliver to the expectations of our clients.

Showbiz Uganda: What advise would you give to someone who wants to join ushering.

Myra: They should be creative and love their work.

Showbiz Uganda: What message would like to give to your customers and those intending to be?

I promise to keep doing excellent work. Secondly i call upon all those who have functions to please use Bubble Ushering Agency, we will be glad to work with you.

Showbiz Uganda: How does one get you if they want your services?

We are located at Mukwano Courts second level room 201-202-1. Or they can call or WhatsApp on +256701167227 or email here:

Showbiz Uganda: Your partying shot to our readers;

I call upon all of you people to please come and support us. We have beautiful and smart ladies who will do for you a good job. We are very professional in our services. Thank you all…. Embrace works of Showbiz Uganda.

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