Bryan White starts process of rehabilitating youths affected by drug and alcohol abuse

Bryan White starts process of rehabilitating youths affected by drug and alcohol abuse

Bryan White spoke to the youths on issues concerning the use of drugs and alcohol

Bryan White continues to defy all odds, we can confirm. The activist, whose aim is to awaken the youths from poverty through his Bryan White Foundation, today met hundreds of Youths who have been victims of drug and alcohol abuse at Auto Spa, Munyonyo.

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He is set to rehabilitate and start projects that will make them busy and have sources of income to make their minds busy other than engaging in such habits which lead to committing several crimes.

During today’s address, several youths from Kawempe, Bombo Road, Ggaba, Buziga, Bunga and other parts of Kampala turned up and confessed to have been victims of drug and alcohol overdose. They also revealed that they have been behind some of property stealing with in Kampala. They promised to handover the stolen items which Bryan White will in turn hand them to police to be given back to their real owners.

He retaliated his message of love and work hard, saying it will instill hope in them and from that they will be able to work their way out of poverty.

“First love yourself, your country, start small and learn to budget for the little you have. If you don’t have discipline even if they give you 100m and you don’t plan for it, it will get over in just days,” he said.

He promised to make them busy, get for them what to do and revealed that he will call them his ‘majje ga Bryan White’ to preach the gospel against drug and alcohol use.

He said once they are settled, it will stop crimes in the society. “Once you quit and we set the ball rolling, you will bring for me more of the affected youths and we will have meetings on Saturdays to formulate the way forward and check on our progress,” he said.

Bryan said his moves are aimed at eradicating crimes from society as well as reducing poverty levels.

The youths who attended and were part of the city gangs have promised bring back items they have stolen before to be handed back to authority and then to real owners. He assured them security that saying no one will arrest them as they begin process of rehabilitation.

“I am very strong and i assure the nation that am here to awaken them. As youths, let us be organized that’s how we shall progress,” he added.

As youths, we have failed to be organised and take responsibilities. Let us get organized, and get prepared for challenges. My money is not for destroying people’s daughters; it is for supporting the youth out of poverty.

“If you can buy 20 bottles of beer, why not buy two condoms. Life has no spare parts, protect,” he said.

Check out part of his address here

Check out part of his address

As part of the starting the rehabilitation process, some of the weeds and drugs they came with was burnt to ashes. The activities continue on Wednesday.

Bryan White foundation is truly Awakening The Youths From Poverty

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