Bryan White Foundation to totally concentrate on City Criminal gangs

Bryan White Foundation (BWF) boss, Bryan White has today revealed that his foundation will totally concentrate on rehabilitating members of criminal gangs who have been involved in city robberies and drug abuse before. Bryan White revealed this while meeting some of the former members of city gang ‘Kibunomu’ who are undergoing rehabilitation courtesy of Bryan White Foundation.

“Our emphasis starting this year will be on criminal gang groups that are involved in city crimes, so those who have given us their proposals, we are sorry because we ae not going to work on them,” he said.

It should be noted that in the past, Bryan White financed many individuals and groups with the aim of empowering them from poverty. However, Majority of them misused the finances and thus displeased the philanthropist

This has promoted the humanitarian to announce that he has stopped any assistance towards individuals or groups that haven’t been involved in any criminal related activities.

He will on Thursday this week address the press on how the criminal Gangs activities will unfold starting this year. 

Some of the members of criminal gangs under rehabilitation facilitated by Bryan White Foundation

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