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Bryan White Foundation Busunju Project kicks off

The project which will act as a Rehabilitation Centre, workshop and Demonstration Farm for former Street Criminal Gangs members has kicked off in Busunju Mityana district. Bryan White, the architect of Bryan White Foundation who is the owner of the project said this is where he wanted to see his foundation head.  “All along I wanted to see my foundation in this direction and I am happy that today we had a groundbreaking ceremony for their entire project,” Bryan said.

The Busunju project will see Bryan White Foundation (BWF) set up a Rehabilitation Centre, Workshop and Demonstration Farm where former members of  Street Criminal Gangs who are willing to denounce the practices will undergo rehabilitation then be equipped technical skills of their choices before they are given startup capital to begin a new life.

The foundation has now shifted its base to Busunju and there is serious work on the ground. This is the first major feasible project that the foundation has undertaken.

The foundation team will be moving from district to district and camp for 3-4 days to pick members of the criminal gangs. They will then be vetted before they are transported to Busunju to start the process. The project will start the exercise with Arua district most likely in February or March.

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