Bryan White Facebook impersonator netted after a 5m reward was put on him

Bryan White Facebook impersonator netted after a 5m reward was put on him

The Guy who has been impersonating Bryan White on Facebook was yesterday netted at Kampala Serena Hotel. The guy identified as Brayz Jordan Senyoga has been running Brian White-Ug Boss Page behind Bryan White’s back.

His arrest comes after Bryan White put a reward of Shs 5m for whoever can bring a person behind the Brian White-Ug Boss page. His fate was sealed yesterday when he contacted one of Bryan White’s close pals and gave in his number that he was the one behind the page. He was told to come to Kampala Serena Hotel and on his arrival, he asked Bryan White to give him 2m for him to surrender the page permanently to him.

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Impersonator, Brayz Jordan Senyonga

“My Facebook Account and page Names Are Bryan White /*Bryan White Merchandise* Disregard/Report The Page in the Names Of *Brian White-Ug Boss* And Am Putting A Bounty Of 5Million To Whoever Gets That Person Impersonating Me, “Bryan White posted before the impersonator was arrested.

Addressing the Media at his home in Munyonyo, Bryan White repeated his continued desire to help the people fight poverty. “I wish this young man approached me and said he wants to work with me as I fight to change to status of our people, he looks energetic but his wasting on his energy on impersonating people who are trying to do good for the nation. I will forgive for him because I don’t see why I should imprison him, what will I gain but my advice to him is he should go back to the drawing board and engage in productive activities like agriculture,” White said.

Bryan White called on Ugandans to be appreciative of people like him and what he does.

“I am not here for showbiz, I am not a socialite, I am early man. Those who are saying he is going, he will run out of money should forget. I am a Ugandan and am here to stay whether I have money or not. Some people are saying that I should first eat; I eat and am very health. Productivity is not measured by the physic or having a huge stomach but by brain,” he said.

“Let Kampala people speak what they want about me but I know my plans and target, and I call upon those who are willing to join me in this cause, we shall drive poverty out of Uganda,” he added.

He warned people and media against speaking or writing ill of Gen. Salim Saleh. “You can say what you want about me but leave Saleh out of this conversation, there are people who have done wonders for this nation and continue to do so, and they deserve respect.

White agreed to forgive Jordan before he was taken to record a statement at Police.

Bryan White

Full Bryan White press conference here

Jordan said his reason for creating a page was to get 20k likes and then look for Bryan White to sell him the page. Check his (Bryan White Facebook impersonator) on why he created the page

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