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Bryan White challenges Ugandans to join him for the good cause

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bryan White Foundation, Bryan White has challenged Ugandans to join him for the cause instead of being social media critics.

Bryan White has called on Ugandans to join him for a good cause

The fight against poverty activist has said that Ugandans love criticising instead of getting down to work.

“Instead of going to Facebook to be abusive and criticize those who do well, should desist from it and work together for the betterment of our nation,” he said.

“In developing people, we create the right environment which will benefit our family, business or organization. Developing people also creates culture in which ourselves benefit. Here at Bryan White Foundation, we are taking the time to develop others and this will secure their future. As the foundation, we are enhancing people’s lives by having a right environment for them to develop in; they grow and mature into their full potential which brings us great satisfaction. Billionaires are many globally but those who come out to give willingly are less than 1%, appreciate those who offer with an open heart. So we call upon all capable people with the same heart let’s join hands to develop our communities and country at large,” Bryan said.

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