Bryan pledges continued support to GoodLyfe as he announces date for upcountry campaign launch in Mbarara

Bryan pledges continued support to GoodLyfe as he announces date for upcountry campaign launch in Mbarara

Bryan White promises to keep paying late Radio’s performance money in order to help the family the singer left behind

Through their C.E.O, the Bryan White Foundation has revealed that Weasel will be performing for all the foundation’s functions starting with a mega launch in Mbarara on 10th March 2018.

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The Foundation while announcing the latest developments last evening at KK Beach Ggaba had this to say, “We are awakening youth in Uganda and we shall be launching our upcountry campaign in Mbarara next month. We will officially launch the poverty eradication campaign on 10th March at Kakyeka stadium in Mbarara district. We shall first visit hospitals, schools, orphanages and other charity homes before proceeding to Kakyeka Stadium for Youth awakening rally,” Bryan said.

He also revealed that he has decided to move  his “brother” Weasel in to the foundation and said, “We shall help him as well as paying Radio’s  Part which  will be going to his mother and  family ,whom I am planning on visiting this week .”

“Yes Radio’s family still has a long way to go. He also really left very young family which will very much need our assistance and because he did a lot for the country, we will continue to help where we can. He added.

He called on whoever has any property belonging to the late to bring it to the Foundation. We are in touch with his family.

He went on to challenge Weasel that it’s his turn to face reality and begin life without Radio.

He revealed that he has big plans from now till 2023 unless God does otherwise.

“All i ask from God is protection and a gift of continuing life because as for the rest i am sorted especially moneywise,” Bryan said.

He retaliated his message of work to the youth. “As youth, we need to learn how to work and stop being idle. No one will bring money or food on your table if you don’t work hard. Learn to spare time for work and stop blaming government,” he added.

He also advised  the youths to always use condoms if they can’t avoid it because engaging in social activities tempts one to do lots of stuff that they later regret  and he also advised them to learn how to save on the little they get, and  be ready all the time.

“Stop producing anyhow, prepare for the future. Save your energy and stop running after ladies like there is no tomorrow. Be punctual and run with time because time wasted is money wasted”.

The activist went on to warn whoever is trying to use all sorts tricks to blackmail him that it won’t work.

“If you want money or any help from me, don’t try to use blackmail because it won’t help. Come to me politely, talk to me and i can help because it’s the reason I started Bryan White Foundation,” he said.

On the other hand Weasel heaped praises on Bryan White for the great job he is doing for the country. He also added that they will get someone to replace Radio but not so soon.

“We are still grieving; we shall sit and decide on who will replace our departed brother. We shall let you know of the person when time comes. GoodLyfe has so many singers so we will choose one,” Weasel said.

Bryan also stormed the stage and revelers especially the youth to wake up and get down to serious work.

He advised who move with their little ones to such till late to stop the habit.

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