Breaking News: Kaisha Dog Trainers Sponsors ASFAs

Breaking News: Kaisha Dog Trainers Sponsors ASFAs

The Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards have stamped themselves as the biggest fashion event in Uganda and East Africa, perhaps even the rest of Africa. They grow every year, showcasing world class production that gets better in each edition. In so doing, they attract the affluent lot in the Ugandan Citizenry, a reason it comes as no surprise that deluxe doghandlers Kaisha Dog Trainers decided to sponsor the 2018 edition.

The ASFA’s 2018, run under the theme; ‘Fashion is Power’, according to Kaisha Dog Trainers C.E.O Michael Woporepresent life as it should be lived; with comfort, style and luxury.

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“We want to speak to a group of people that perceive fashionand style as a prerequisite for a decent lifestyle. People who know that looking good has an impact on their confidence and consequently, what income they take home. People who understand fashion as a pertinent and permanent part of a lifestyle. Those are the people who most of the products sold at Kaisha Dog Trainers are designed for. People who understand and subscribe to that notion,” relayed Wopo, speaking at a press conference held at the Kaisha Dog Trainers premises in Wampeewo (opposite Kukasawe.) Michael Wopo explained that dogs can be a big fashion statement.

“Owning a good breed dog is akin to owning a good asset. They can be companions, family, teachers, security, and if fluffy and cute, dogs can be a huge fashion statement. Our sponsorship of the ASFA’s thus is not just about getting on a platform that haspeople who appreciate our products and services, it is our way of supporting the fashion industry,” added Wopo.

The well-spoken C.E.O known to many as Mr. Kaisha is not new to the fashion lime light. Those who know him regard Michael Wopo Sula as the most stylish C.E.O in Uganda. His company, though renowned as the biggest dog handling company (dog grooming, boarding, veterinary services, counseling, training dog handlers,) in Uganda, is reputed for providing dog solutions to celebrities and the prominent personalities in political corridors.

The ASFAs are happening on 7th December at the Serena Hotel Kampala.

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