Bosco Bahati: Building his empire, one camera click at a time!

Bosco Bahati: Building his empire, one camera click at a time!

In a world where we are all striving to set ourselves apart and be different from the rest, the pressure to create that uniqueness for your brand can be quite mounting, especially in a business like photography.

However, with well laid our strategies, and seeking the right mentors, one Ugandan photographer is on the fast rise, and quickly making a place for his self among the great in that line of work.

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We caught up with John Bosco Bahati, a photographer at Kiba Shots and shared with us some insights on the photography business and much more.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your brand?

My name is Johnbosco Bahati, a mechanical engineer turned Fashion and Wedding photographer based in Uganda running a luxury brand, Kiba shots.
What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started out in photography?
I wish I had realised earlier on how important it was to find a mentor in this line of work.

What’s your favourite photograph to date?
I can’t say for sure that I have one that is a specific favourite, but I would possible choose about five images which are from previous work done with some very creative people, including Mavo Kampala(stylist), Peter Russell and Tina Kylie, who are both makeup artistes.

Who’s the most difficult person you’ve ever photographed?
Spice Diana.

How many pictures do you take during a session?
My sessions are not limited to a specific number of photos; I always take as many as possible for my clients to have a variety from which to make their choice.

How is photographing a celebrity different from photographing a regular person?
Most celebrities need extreme care and attention during the shoot, which I find okay because this is what I offer to all my clients.
Where do you get your ideas?
I look around the internet for some magazine images for my inspiration.

When do you know you have a good picture?
Good question. I am very hard to please so when I take an image which makes me satisfied, I always scream out loud and make exclamations like “I can’t ask for more” “Holy Jesus” “This is so beautiful” to mention but a few. That is how you know I have the shot!

How do you set people at ease and get them to do the things that they do in your pictures?
I have over the years learned how to manage clients’ expectations. I build rapport and make friends with them prior to the shoot and this is how I manage to have them comfortable in front of my lens.

Which lens is your favourite? Why?
The Nikon 70-200VR11. It’s such a versatile lens.
Among the photography gear that you’ve purchased, is there something you wish you hadn’t bought? Why?
I’m blessed not to have bought anything I never needed. I trained photography with my mentor, Brett Florens, a Nikon Ambassador in Johannesburg, South Africa, who gave me a chance to use different professional gear before I bought my own.

Whose work has influenced you most?

Brett Florens’ work. He is a Fashion and wedding photographer currently based in Netherlands.

What advice do you have for a young photographer who is just starting out?

Find an experienced photographer as a mentor in the niche they would wish to build their photography career. This will not only help you escape the hustle of wasting resources learning the hard way but also time which is never on our side.

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