Booze, Sex Dominate Kenyan Rugby Concerts

Booze, Sex Dominate Kenyan Rugby Concerts

There was a crazy madness during Masaku 7ns at Machakos in Masaku, Kenya on Saturday night as booze and sex dominated the evening.A scene at last Saturday's concert in KenyaA scene at last Saturday’s concert in Kenya

The Rugby 7ns venue got a heavy traffic and a place of one hour drive would take some people 10 hours. Guys had to park and start drinking and most of them did not bother to attend the rugby concert.Rated X; Crazy Kenyan chics showing off their boobs Rated X; Crazy Kenyan chics showing off their boobs

Unlimited Internet - Uganda

What made the day worse is that there was no network and some girls lost their boyfriends and vise versa because they couldn’t tell where the cars were packed. The lost girls ended up in the single mens’ hands and they dealt with them ceremoniously till morning. Kenya Rugby concerts or call them games are dominated by girls, booze and sex.

Entertainment was provided by Uganda duo of Radio and Weasel who varnished after their performance. Masaku is one hour drive from Nairobi.






Below is the scheduled timetable for the games if you wanna have just fall in.

5th/6th July Meru7s (Meru,
Kinoru Stadium)

26th/27th July
Commonwealth7s (Ibrox
Stadium, Glasgow-Scotland)

2nd/3rd August Dala7s
(Kisumu Showgroung- Kisumu)

9th/10th August Kabeberi7s
(Railway Club- Mwamba)

16th/17th August Driftwood7s

30th/31st August Prinsloo7s

6th/7th September Christie7s
(RFUEA Grounds- Nairobi)

26/27/28th September
Safaricom7s (Kasarani-

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