Booty socialite Julia to start a church

Booty socialite Julia to start a church

Latest info reaching our desk has it that New York based Uganda booty socialite Julia Micheals aka Kawalya has turned to God.  The bootylicious sexy who last week ruled social media by posting her saucy booty is set to become a pastor and set up a church.


She revealed this on her social media platform on Sunday.  If it’s true then expect flooding of male believers. The Bootylisicous socialite once she opens, we bet more than of the crowd will be males and they now have a reason to praise God on Sundays.

Unlimited Internet - Uganda


“Guys,am thinking and feeling the call to become a Pastor and serve God!How many of you will be willing to come to the church of Pastor Julia? Let all the believers say Amen and Ameen,” Julia posted.

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