Bobi Wine’s Father Passes On

Ghetto president and star singer Bobi Wine and his family are sad and blue after their mzee passed on. Mzee J.W Sentamu, the father to singer Bobi Wine, Mickey Wine, Nubian Lee and Eddy Yawe has passed on this afternoon at Mulago Hospital.RIP: JW SentamuRIP: JW Sentamu

Sources close to the family told Showbiz Uganda that Sentamu died of diabetes at Mulago hospital. Bobi Wine could not be reached for a comment as his phones were switched off by the time we went to press. There is no official communication from the Sentamu family on his death and burial arrangements.

Mr Sentamu’s health has been deteriorating for the last five years. He is survived by 40 children with the first born over 50 years and the youngest born 4 years ago. May his soul Rest In Eternal Peace.

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