Bobi Wine cash lands NGO boss in a fix

Bobi Wine cash lands NGO boss in a fix

Regional Coordinator, Care For Aids Uganda, Ronald Tusiime is in trouble after it emerged that he diverted the National Organisational Funds to support the activities of National Unity Platform (NUP) activities.

Together with some of his workmates, he is being probed for his sins. And this website understands that out of guilt, he even no longer surfaces at his place of work.

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Tusiime until recently was a very resourceful, committed, focused staff at Care For AIDS Uganda.

In the emails that this website has seen, he is tasked to refund the NGO funds that he spent during the campaigns of some individuals within the opposition political party that is headed by Robert Kyagulanyi. Although he showed some signs to refund the money after selling his properties, he was not pardoned and this has rendered him restless. Being a former refugee in Norway, he is being held culpable as an individual for his acts.

Having been alerted that he is on the hunted list for security, he has become very elusive and is in a state of hibernation. He has reportedly shunned the company emails and has since switched off his telephone lines.

He is well experienced in provision of general clinical care and public health care programming, quality improvement at regional and national level both in research and service delivery in areas of infectious diseases especially Malaria, Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.
Before his woes as a Regional Coordinator based in he was tasked with a role of overseeing the operation of three centers in the CARE for AIDS Uganda expansion.

He was drawn to CARE for AIDS because of his passion for touching the lives of those affected by HIV. He loves getting to explain the CARE for AIDS program, and interacting with church leaders as to how they can partner to create lasting change in their communities.

His actions have come after the President’s recent reaction in which he directed the immediate suspension of the activities of the Democratic Governance Facility (DGF), the largest pool of donor funding to non-governmental organisations in Uganda over what has been termed as financing of subversive activities.

In a January, 2, 2021 letter, Museveni says he needs answers as to why and how the Ministry of Finance authorized a £100 million (Shs500.8 billion) fund to operate in the country without the involvement of the cabinet.

The furious president revealed in the letter that he has learnt that a big percentage of the Shs500.8 billion went into financing activities and organizations meant to subvert government “in the name of improving governance”.

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