Bobby Brown’s Nephew For East African Tour

Bobby Brown’s Nephew For East African Tour

Jerod W. Brown, a nephew to singer Bobby Brown is set to come to Kampala in the near future and other parts of East Africa in a move aimed at promoting his music in Africa. The America born singer sees Africa as an opportunity for his music exploits and to put to a higher level. The date for his coming is not yet set.Jerod Brown (L)Jerod Brown (L)

Who is Jerod W. Brown?
Jerod Brown born on November 9th 1987, known as YF Kennedy, grew up in Boston, MA. His parents, celebrity locals, Herod Shelly & Elizabeth Brown were no strangers to the hustle and street life Boston had to offer.

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Elizabeth Brown,(eldest sister of Boston’s bad boy, R&B singer Bobby Brown), fell into drug addiction which would be the cause of YF being adopted along with his twin brother at the age of two.

12 years later, YF and his twin brother would rekindle with their biological mother in the summer of 2002, only to find out that she was suffering from stomach & lung cancer.

In 2003, Kennedy’s mother passed away after only spending less than a year with her. Kennedy, already influenced by the music of DMX, Bone Thugs & Harmony, 2Pac, Nas, & Jay Z, found a passion and outlet to release frustration…MUSIC!
With big dreams to make his mark in the music industry, Kennedys freedom and developing career became a risk the summer of 2006, when he found himself “in the wrong place, at the wrong time.”
After serving ten months in Rock Hill, SC county jail, Kennedy would go on to put out street mix tapes “Insomnia” & “So F@#$%kin Serious” under the alias “Ben Yatti” which would give him the respect as an artist his fans could relate to. Grabbing the attention of super producer Nick Fury, Kennedy got his shot to showcase his talent and instantly began recreating his sound. From then on Kennedy was sure music was his calling.

Kennedy began collaborating with various artist who believed in his raw talent and soon became a team member of Skyways Music Group, which he would assist on records for the street mix tape Real Niggas Know by SMG artist Eddy Fish.Brown
Kennedy got the opportunity to create street records “Fast Life” featuring Cassidy, whose hit single ”Im a Hustler” was a huge success, and 2nd single “We Like 2 Ball” which was released on MTV Jams the summer of 2013.

Since the release of MTV music video, Eddy Fish “We Like 2 Ball” ft Yf Kennedy, YF felt it was time to create his greatest work yet, debut album IlumiYATTI. With the help of grammy producer Jared Lee Gosselin, super producers Nick Fury, Track Gods, Nuka Bomb, Kick Lee and other upcoming producers, Kennedy is sure this album will be a favorite added to your collection.

Releasing 1st single “Gold Kisses”, produced by Referee Music, scheduled to release spring of 2014.
YF Kennedy the epitome of young, raw, & innovative talent and skill.
So what makes him so special, you asked? His ability not only forces you to nod your head, but to actually be part of his journey and on-going success.

YF plans to present an elite lifestyle by taking his brand Members Only Elite to a platform which will be a huge influence on today’s and future generations.

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