Blu Flamingo organizes DigiCon 2017 Conference

Blu Flamingo organizes DigiCon 2017 Conference

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Blu Flamingo Limited, Uganda’s leading and most reputable digital marketing company executed the first cycle of a nationwide digital skills training between August and October 2016.

11,000 Ugandans are reported to have signed up and completed this training – these included, students in institutions of higher learning, corporate employees and young entrepreneurs.

As the company prepares to go in to the second cycle, Blu Flamingo has organised a one day conference on 5th May, 2017 at Golf Course Hotel, Kampala. The DigiCon Conference, featuring 4 master classes in: Strategy, Advertising, Content Marketing and Social Reporting. Attendees will learn from industry experts and receive certificates.

Cost Number of Classes Cost (Ugx) 1. 20,000 2. 30,000 3. 50,000 4. 60,000. Later in the day, there will be a networking session at which companies or individuals that have done exceptionally well, over the past year in areas of online content, app development and digital media buy will present their case studies to the attendees.

The said companies and or individuals will be recognised as DigiCon Masters. The process of selecting DigiCon Master involves a call for submissions which closes on 28th April, 2017. Submissions will be reviewed by a panel that will make the decision on whether the work submitted is up to their required standard. We are thrilled about the second cycle of DigiCon Mini scheduled to start in July, 2017.

‘We aim to train up to 15,000 Ugandans in digital skills. The second cycle has been designed to create an even greater impact than the first. Through strategic collaborations and digital career boot camps we expect to open up opportunities for DigiCon Mini students to intern, create better, all inclusive marketing strategies at their work place and or take their businesses to the next level. We shall put specific focus on university students pursuing courses in areas of business, entrepreneurship, marketing, communications and Information Technology, vocational institutions, High Schools, entrepreneurs and journalists. We encourage members of the public to come to the DigiCon 17 Conference to learn, share knowledge and get guidance regarding the DigiCon Mini courses”

To learn more about the DigiCon Conference and DigiCon Mini visit our website at

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