Bless A Child Foundation in 10k 4 cancer campaign

NGO to raise funds for children suffering from cancer in a 10k 4 Cancer campaign

Bless A Child Foundation has today announced its 10k 4 Cancer campaign in its continued effort to provide palliative care to the children at its Akiba Home suffering from Cancer.



Akiba home, opened in Kampala in March 2010 & later in Gulu in 2015, is a clean, hygienic environment where the children and their parents/caregivers are given shelter, meals, physical care, play therapy and recreational facilities as the children undergo cancer treatment.


During a visit to the home, Brian Walusimbi the Bless a Child founder explained that 10k 4 Cancer is a campaign to show people that if come together, we can achieve more as a community.


Funds raised will benefit the child directly and their families, but also those facilitating the treatment of the most serious illnesses, ie. doctors, nurses, surgeons, etc. Our mission as a dedicated group is to improve the welfare and quality care for children with cancer.


Bless A Child Foundation provides direct practical help to children with cancer, from diagnosis onwards, recognizing the inevitable disruption to family life when a child faces vigorous and often lengthy treatment. This is why the Foundation is calling upon the public to contribute to this cause to save young, innocent lives.

Follow the Foundation on Facebook & Twitter; @BCFUganda. Check out

#10k4Cancer for more details.

Mobile Money contributions can be made to 0772 680199

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

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