Black Wall Street bans Suits and Ties at work places

The Black Wall Street (BWS) has placed a permanent ban on use of Western style clothing at it’s work places and those of it’s affiliated corporations.

The news which was welcome with great pleasure by most members was delivered by Charles N Lambert, leader of Africa’s first Economic War and Chairman of the BWS.

He stated that…”We have banned the use of Western clothes at BWS House and affiliate corporations. We will not continue to promote the culture of people who say we are worthless, and live in shit holes. We also live in warm and hot environment and these kind of wears are highly inconvenient for our people. They are also very expensive requiring many add-ons such as Ties, shoes, shirts, cufflinks and more. We refuse to continue propagating the notion that European culture is somehow superior to ours. We must take turns wearing the different cultures in Africa before we consider anything foreign. Africa First,”.

Many people have welcomed on social media saying Lambert has made a wonderful decision.

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