Black Americans come out about investing in African Cradle land

Last month, Isaac Kigozi, the Managing Director, East African Partners (EAP) a company that markets East Africa as an investment destination amplified the call to the Black Americans assuring them of any support that they would need to comfortably take up investment in the region.

President Yoweri Museveni has on several occasions encouraged the Black Americans to consider returning to the African Continent and has put up a number of incentives that would attract them to settle in Uganda and well as setting up several investments.

Several calls have been made to the African Americans to consider relocating back to their cradle land which is the African continent and in Uganda, efforts have been made by several government officials and private companies to entice these people settle and invest in the East African region country.

Ashworth Barnes

The EAP boss who stayed in USA for more than 20 years said that he believes that it is time for African Americans to consider coming back home and focus on rebuilding Africa.

Onyinyechi Amanze– Founder African Fashion Week in Los Angeles

I’m Onyinyechi a 1st generation Nigerian-American. Even though I visit Nigeria often and have several ties to my parents homeland, I understand that a lot of others don’t.

Is this a timely call and how would you respond to it?
Ghana hosted their “Year of Return” in 2019, lots of African Americans and others in the diaspora used that opportunity to learn more about their ancestral roots and make the journey back to Africa. The current civil unrest and calls for justice have further fueled the conversation to make a move back to the continent. I think it’s great that people are exploring living and working in an African country.

Ashworth Barnes president and CEO of 713 Motoring and 713 Collision in Houston Texas the number one Car Customization Company
Africa has always been interesting to me, My mother was married when I was 7 years old and my Stepdad and he was of east African descent. It was great at a young age to be able to integrate culturally to African traditions and learn about African history and customs.

I think a lot of African Americans would begin to consider Africa as an option to set their enterprise. Black Lives Matter movement would make sense for a lot of African Americans to migrate home to the motherland so they don’t have to deal with a lot of the social injusties that are happeining in America like police brutality.

It is particularly important that we act quickly with Covid 19 spreading like wildfire, many americans are looking to migrate to countries that have less cases of the virus like Uganda. The virus is real. Many Americans including myself have tested positive for the virus.

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