Birungi Charities takes #PadThruCovid campaign to Kasese

Birungi Charities takes #PadThruCovid campaign to Kasese

Birungi Charities through their #PadThruCovid campaign want to reach out to girls in Kasese by donating pads, clothes and money to the young girls in Kasese. 

Birungi Charities boss Esther Birungi said, “You have helped us impact the lives of young girls all over this country including the areas of Moroto, Kampala, Masaka, parts of Eastern and Western Uganda. We are asking you to contribute to yet another great cause for these young girls in kasese through our campaign #PadThruCovid”.

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Birungi Charities told this website that it has come to their attention that girls in Kasese are exchanging sex for sanitary pads.

According to the Kasese District Health Information systems, there were 7,319 teenage pregnancies registered in 2020. 115 of these girls were below 15 years old.

The District Health officials attribute this to poverty and lack of Sexual reproductive health sensitization.

“It broke my heart to hear this and I cannot just sit by while these young girls live their lives like this. We are not only fundraising for money but other basic needs like food and clothes to help support these vulnerable girls.
Any contribution you can make is highly appreciated,” Esther said.

Esther Birungi, a lawyer in making has been credited for doing humanitarian work to reach out to young girls across the country.

Donate today; cash, food and clothes to Esther Birungi on +256759635251 or email to

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