Bebe Cool’s story of a Survivor/Death Cheater

Bebe Cool’s story of a Survivor/Death Cheater

By Esmile Bugembe

First,  he survived bullets from a drunkard policeman that got him laid in hospital for several months! After that, he got involved in a nasty car accident while traveling from Upcountry with his wife Zuena’ when the CRV Suv (as you see in photos) overturned 5times!

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But Bebe Cool and wife survived with serious injuries. From there, the Reggae Star was among a few people who survived the bomb blasts as an Al-Shabaab 11th July 2010′ terrorist attack on Uganda at Kyadondo Rugby Club which claimed hundreds of innocent Ugandans R.I.P! But still the Rasta (Bebe Cool) who was even still on Clutches survived narrowly!!!

Now! Just yesterday… I mean… last night 5.11.2017! The same survivor and musical legend ‘Bebe Cool was standing at the roadside with fellow musicians when a speeding vehicle rammed into them killing only one Artist Dizzy Nutts R.I.P and injuring others!!! Still Bebe Cool survived!!!

Well… many people have started advising Bebe Cool on how he must start being careful with his life!! But according to my analysis…. I conclude by saying… “His God that has always protected him’ is still with him till the end of time”, therefore he shouldn’t be scared of anything! God still loves you Bebe Cool. Amen ????

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