Bebe Cool to host ‘The Life of Bebe Cool’ concert at Serena

Big size singer Bebe Cool is set hold his latest concert at Victoria Hall, Kampala Serena Hotel. The concert dubbed The Life of Bebe Cool is set for 5th August 2016 at the five-star hotel. The singer confirmed the concert on his social media platforms yesterday and entrance is 100k.

Bebe Cool is set to host The Life of Bebe Cool concert

Bebe Cool is set to host The Life of Bebe Cool concert

“As we settle in from the political times that have shaken a lot of unprepared minds, I would like to caution my fellow Ugandans about putting aside our political differences and work together towards reconciliation and continued steady progress of our personal lives and our nation. It’s good that we all noticed issues that need to be addressed but none of those issues can be corrected without the effort of all Ugandans regardless of your political affiliation. A lot has been achieved and a lot still needs to be achieved but we as Ugandans should first appreciate where we r today because at least we r not where we were yesterday although we r not yet where we want to be. I will continue to be a responsible citizen of constructive contribution towards my country as I have been but for now time to go back to my MUSIC. I wish to declare the 5TH OF AUGUST 2016 as my concert date dubbed THE LIFE OF BEBE COOL ‪‎Kampala Serena hotel‬. 5M a table, 100k general. Book your table early coz trust me u don’t want to miss this and please if you can’t afford it, don’t criticise it, I will see what I can do for you,” Bebe Cool posted.

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