Bebe Cool Rubbishes Bobi Wine’s Call To Vote For Him

Bebe Cool Rubbishes Bobi Wine’s Call To Vote For Him

The rivalry between two of Uganda’s finest singers isn’t about to end according to the latest reaching our desk. Bobi Wine called on Ugandans to vote for Bebe Cool in the Mama MTV Awards for his song ‘Love You Everyday’ and that if he wins, he can learn or have manners.Bobi WineBobi Wine

“I am encouraging my fans to vote for Bebe Cool because we want Ugandan music to go far no matter who gets the benefit. He is still ill mannered and if Ugandan show him support, maybe he will learn to become well behaved,” Bobi said.
Bebe himself didn’t go well with the remarks from ghetto president and went straight to his Facebook wall to reply his nemesis.

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Below is his statement replying Bobi Wine

Bebe Cool
Drugs drugs drugs, I always will say drugs are bad because they lead you to do so many mistakes and they even make some people think and see themselves where they are not.Bebe CoolBebe Cool

Now this music failure comes up to say am ill mannered, hmm mm. Emitwe gino!
You are a married man, still having live sex with any gal in the clubs and bringing your wife kids, you promote drug, U DON’T HAVE good MUSIC, u can’t speak English, you are local, u stay far from town and you brand a BIG MAN nominated in awards, with GREAT MUSIC LIKE GO MAMA ALBUM, ill mannered.
By the way I thought fans are for musicians with good music, little did I know there are fans for big mouths, and just to remind you voting for Bebe Cool is by academy, on internet, for the learnt, with MBs, and those who can PRESS buttons.
I know you are seeking attention but wrong move boy and to all fans of this TONTOMIST, please DONT vote for me because you will vote wrongly and we might lose. Wama abanjagala let’s go. Click here to vote for Bebe Cool’s Love You Everyday in mtv music awards 2015 video of the year category”,.

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