Bebe Cool intensifies humanitarian work

Bebe Cool intensifies humanitarian work

Challenges fellow entertainment gurus to contribute money for Dans Kumapesa  

Star singer Bebe Cool has added more effort in his humanitarian work as he rushes to rescue Iganga girl from a complicated disease. The singer who watched the girl’s from US immediately sent his team to pick the gal from Iganga and bring her to Mulago for treatment. She is currently receiving treatment at the referral hospital courtesy of Bebe Cool.

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In a related development, Bebe Cool has challenged his fellow gurus in entertainment industry to contribute 5m each for the treatment of airing producer Dans Kumapesa. He challenged singers Bobi Wine, Jose Chameleone, Balaam Barugahara, Musa Kavumma and James Wasula to each contribute Shs 5m towards the treatment of the airing producer.

Airing producer; Danz Kumapesa

“During my trip to the USA,i came across a clip of a young girl on fb with a skin complication from Iganga.

There was a photo in which this young girl was surrounded by other kids at a distance and they seemed to detest this girl. I played the clip and she was interviewed and at a moment with tears in my eyes.

One moment she was asked about how other kids treat her, the answers were so painful but what caught my attention was when she was asked what she wanted to be when she grows up, she answered DOCTOR.

She was then asked why? And she replied coz i want to inject sick people.  At this moment I knew that this young angel wants to see a doctor and be treated so that she can be like the other kids, go to school and feel normal like all other children. I also noticed that because of her problem, she is now inspired to become a doctor.

I asked my Gagamel soja Kleberson to immediately go to iganga and find this girl,take her to mulago hospital and we start on a process to see if we can make her dream come true.

Day one after i returned,I went to see her in hospital and also speak to the doctors about the solution.

Speaking to her I could see that her CONFIDENCE was gone. She could barely look in my eyes no matter how close I got to her or even touched her head with my bare hands.

The most dangerous thing in life is a woman losing her self confidence.

She will acquire low self esteem, feel of no value and at a certain age she can be capable of doing anything to feel human hence early child pregnancy.

Without any help, that’s if she survives HIV AIDS,she delivers and if both mother and child are lucky to be alive, they head to the streets and the whole process restarts again and again.

Her condition is called Cutis Verticis Gyrata

It’s a genetic skin disorder as the doctors tell me but I ask them if we can have her operated on.

Am happy the doctors said yes and we are about to have this operation see if we can save a life,restore her confidence and self esteem and may be make a doctor out of her.

Pliz look at the faces of the kids looking at her and imagine if it was your child,” Bebe Cool posted.

‘5 million challenge for DANS KUMAPESA’

“I am calling upon the following Ugandan musicians to take a stand and pay these bills for this fellow Ugandan , a producer and youthful soul.

UGANDANS have supported us for long and we have made our lives better through their support.

I also ask Mr James Wasula of UPRS,promoter Ballam,promoter Kavuma to join the list because people have supported your events.

Am sure the list below can afford the kind gesture of 5m ugsh about (1500 US dollars).

Bebecool -5 million

Jose Chameleon -5 million

Bobi wine -5 million

James Wasula -5 million

Promoter Balam -5 million

Promoter Kavuma-5 million

I know you have done this before but let us lead as examples here because even after paying this bill he needs more financial support for the next two years and other brothers and sisters in the industry will come in then.

But we will still appreciate whoever brings in a significant amount at this moment so that Dans can leave the hospital to avoid more bills pilling.

It is our responsibility to give back to those who have given us through their sons and daughters not forgetting who we all claim to be,richest,best,big,number one,educated blablabla.

The above claims come at a cost of responsibility and good leadership.

Pliz drop the kind gesture to the mother called Kisakye Jennifer +256 779 103031 in nsambya hospital

Thank you for your help Uganda,” Bebe Cool posted.

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