Be careful with your attitude – Flavia Tumusiime

Flavia Tumusiime’s 8th day of her life story talks about attitude and how it can break or make you at work.

Flavia Tumusiime of NTV Uganda

Flavia Tumusiime of NTV Uganda

Tumusiime Flavia; I was working with a team in South Africa, one of the people on the team was a young lady who seemed very unhappy, she reacted negatively every time i spoke and chose not to speak to me or reply the entire time we worked together. I was frustrated, and one time at a team building dinner, i told her off, i told her she didn’t need to be so rude, we could try and work together amicably. My reaction helped us work together yes, we continued to excel on our work terms but also because of my reaction, i had killed the prospect of a friendship with her. [adrotate banner=”3″] When the contract was done, we went separate ways. Later, i found myself interested in tv script writing and content development, the 5 people i spoke to, each recommended the same lady i worked with. Unfortunately i could not salvage the relationship i had killed with my attitude, for her to mentor me, but at least i learnt a lesson. Every time you go into new territory, be careful with your attitude. Don’t let your personal issues with someone sip into how you relate with them professionally. Especially us women are emotional, we are quick to hate or swear we won’t work with so and so because i just don’t like her or him. Focus, don’t let petty excuses and feelings towards someone slow you down. ‪#‎30daysofflavia continues on Monday

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