Bazebo’s retail online shopping goes live in Uganda

Bazebo’s retail online shopping goes live in Uganda

Ugandans can now shop directly from worldwide renown stores such as Amazon, eBay, Macy’s, Victoria Secrets, Zappos, Dash and many others with the coming of  Bazebo, East Africa’s premier online retail shopping and selling brand.

Following a soft launch, its operations in Uganda have started as of today, 27th (Saturday) January, 2018. As the internet becomes more affordable and accessible, online shopping is expected to grow as Ugandan shoppers begin to realise the benefits of online shopping.

Unlimited Internet - Uganda

The Ugandan-based Bazebo platform enters the market as a replacement for Nigerian-based Goods Express, which closed shop in November last year. Previously the Goods Express online platform & partnership had been tainted with increased purchase returns, inability to track products in real-time and delayed deliveries compelling the Ugandan counterpart to terminate the partnership and seek a more superior system as compared to what Goods Express Uganda was offering.

Moses Ihoza, chief Executive Officer of the Acacia mall based Bazebo says, “As promised we are excited to have landed a Superior online retail platform to Uganda’s market and we have laid ground in the rest of the East African markets to allow instant cohesion when we launch in a big way. The website is now open for our customers to purchase all they can and enjoy the experience – I believe the best online experience there is in Uganda today. Our customers can browse and evaluate from over 400,000,000 goods/ brands available and give us feedback. We have partnered with stores such as Amazon, Macy’s, eBay amongst many others in order to meet and exceed our customer expectations in the shortest time possible,” he remarked.

From clothing to medications and supplements; technology to home furnishings and car accessories almost anything imaginable can be bought at Bazebo online and shipped right to customer’s preferred location. For emergency and quick deliveries like medicine and perishable items, Bazebo has installed drones, maybe the first in Uganda, that are meant for deliveries in areas of rural & remote places. Uganda will have followed Rwanda and Tanzania among East African countries to launch a drone delivery program.

Customers can choose from a range of payment methods, including both Airtel and MTN Mobile money. Bazebo promises a 4-10 day delivery period, instant refund policy, free international return policy, and a product quality filter which shows how new the product is and different prices available on a product type.

“Our primary mandate is to give our customers the best deals, solutions and support for the ultimate online shopping and selling experience. We will guarantee you quality brands, affordable prices and the best online shopping experience you can get,” Ihoza concluded.

What is Bazebo?

Bazebo is East Africa’s premier online retail shopping and selling brand. Bazebo was started by Mseed Venture Capital in Uganda and is currently moving into the rest of East Africa. Bazebo believes that online shopping must be as seamless as possible, to allow trust, safety and enjoyment amongst our customers. Our customer’s success is the measure of our success.

Log onto to enjoy the service.

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