Basket 53 Movie Crew Hosts Fans On Ship Cruise

Basket 53 Movie Crew Hosts Fans On Ship Cruise

The Basket 53 ship cruise floating party organised by Havy media, advert and film production and sponsored by Heineken, Shark media, and Spirit was a success on Saturday. The party was organised to bring the fans and supporters of the movie ‘Basket 53’ together with intentions of promoting the movie. It was meant to give fans a chance to shake hands with the actors and actresses of the above movie before they head to the kitchen to do what they do best.


Basket 53 is the first ever basketball movie in Uganda from the makers of the first Ugandan dance movie called Game on. This movie features Francis Kasekende as the male lead who is a national basketballer and a former champion with the Kyambogo Warriors, he currently plays for KIU Titans and many other professional actors from the local scene like Okuo Prynce, Ampeire Daphine, Mutaka Ali among others.

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Its the intention of Havy media to keep organizing such invents so that by the time this movie comes out, it has got to the hearts of Ugandans. This arrangement is the first of its kind by Havy media to give the movies underproduction enough market so that by the time the movie is out everyone knows about it and yarning to have a hold of it.


About The Movie:

Basket 53 movie is based on true events with in the synopsis below.

‘Mugisha K. Junior (Francis Kasekende) a 25 year Old basketballer lives with his dad who was a basketball champion in the late 1980’s. K. Junior discovers he is deeply in love with his best friend Lindsay (Robin Kisti), and he needs all the support to attract his dream which the dad is against.’

Havy Media posses the resources necessary to produce “BASKET 53.” while using our resources to give the film an overall ‘look’ of a feature, this will be accomplished through the use of our ‘connections’ within the industry to some of the finest and most expert individuals in the business.

Our production team is second to none. From Kevin Kix Byaruhanga (Director) who shoots fast and always elicit creative performances that are on time and on target, right from his ‘GAME ON’ Movie the
first ever Ugandan dance movie that the Ugandan movie market is yearning to have a grip on, to the Executive Producer Yvonne Nansinguza (Aka Sista Vich), to Robin Kisti and Gerald Namanya as Producers (Those two will put the money ‘on screen’ where it will do the most good), to Robin Kisti again who is the face of the NTV popular Login show as the female lead, to Francis Kasekende one of our own Ugandan top basketballers on the National team as the male lead.


Other several members of the cast have been active in the movie industry since 2007 under various teams i.e. Evolv Creations, Onyx Pictures, NTV productions and some have acted in other movies. For example; SRB the best movie of the year 2013, Game On, The Hostel; the renowned TV series. While others are the Cream de´ la´ Cream of the upcoming artists.

We have assembled the best crew, beginning with our chief Sound engineer Mr. Edwin with his Masters in sound engineering, to Mr. Allie Mutaka a professional in light and Photography, moving on to Babangida
Ibrahim with his creativity traits leading the Technical department. We have laid an extraordinary strategy for the best equipment; we are talking about ‘Goodenuff Production House’ that has superseded the entertainment industry with their two black magic cameras, the best lighting and sound tools, and the rest of the gear.

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