Bally out of BBNaija competition

Bally out of BBNaija competition

About 11 million votes recorded in this week’s eviction show

Efe becomes the last man standing

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No more head of house task and nomination show

Bally’s hope of winning the coveted prize of N25 million and an SUV finally met a brick wall as he has been evicted from the on-going Big Brother Naija reality TV show, thereby becoming the 9th, housemate including the fake housemates, to be evicted.

This week’s live eviction show will pass as one of the toughest as four popular housemates TBoss, Debie-Rise, Marvis, and Bally were subjected to a popularity contest in less than one week to the end of the reality TV show. TBoss polled the highest votes, leading with about 26 percent, followed by Debie-Rise who polled 25 percent, Marvis with 24 percent and the only male in the contest, Bally polling 23 percent.

On the eve of the eviction show, Ebuka- Obi-Uchendu, the show host, to the surprise of the housemates, announced that the housemates will be hosting very important guests.  This later became the shock of their lives when the visitors turned out to be their family members and in some cases, friends. Amidst tears, the housemates, after about 80 days of separation, sat and watched their favorites eat specially prepared meals, even though they were prevented from touching or speaking with their guests as they were all put in a freeze mode.

During the eviction show, Ebuka, again invited the housemates’ visitors to the stage and gave them the opportunity to finally speak with the housemates. The dreaded moment however came when Ebuka revealed that this week’s eviction process would be played out differently. He explained that the family member or friend that walks into the house would signal the evicted housemate. Without wasting time, the guests were ushered to the arena as the nominated housemates anxiously waited for the doorbell to ring, each fervently praying against seeing their ‘person’ come in. It was the shock of the night when Tola, Bally’s friend walked into the house. In a moment of disbelief, the five standing housemates watched as Bally and his ally walked out of the house. Bally joins the host of Soma, Miyonse, CocoIce, Gift, Uriel, ThinTalLTony, Bassey, including the two fake housemates, Ese and Jon.

Bally, while on stage with Ebuka said: “I’m actually surprisingly okay. I’m not going to lie to you. I mean, I got this far. It wasn’t easy you know. And a week away, it’s not too bad. ”



When Ebuka brought up the issue of his constant nomination of some the housemates, Bally disclosed that he went out for the game. “The people that are my friends are going to remain my friends forever regardless of what happened in the house. It was the game, to be honest and I had to play the game the way it ought to be played, ” he said. On the hardest part of being in the house, the statistician and DJ said, “You are living with people who are more than tough strangers, different people from different backgrounds, so you have to learn to tolerate these people.”

Meanwhile, the moment of respite came when Ebuka, to the delight of the last five housemates standing, announced that there wouldn’t be a nomination show and head of house task this new week. He also said the housemates will no longer be allowed to campaign for votes in front of the cameras. Now, the question in the minds of millions of viewers across Africa is who will be the ultimate winner of the Big Brother Naija show? The facts remain that all the housemates are quite popular as their various teams are vigorously canvassing for support deploying different strategies all in a bid to win with their favorite housemates. Who will the winner be come Sunday? Will it be Efe, Bisola, Debie-Rise, or TBoss?

This week’s live eviction show was graced by popular artiste and songwriter, Davido and he treated the guests to two of his current hits twice on stage.

Keep up with the final lap of the show on all Big Brother Naija social media fan pages with the hashtag #BBNaija on Twitter @BBNaija, Instagram @BigBrotherNaija2017 anook

Big Brother Naija reality show is aired 24/7 in 45 countries from Nigeria through East, West and Southern Africa on DStv channel 198 and GOtv channel 29.

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