Balancing life as a work from mother

Balancing life as a work from mother

As the world and the country shifted back to what was termed as the new COVID-19 normal, many people struggled to establish a sense of normalcy in what was a new and foreign world order. Businesses, individuals all struggled to get into the regular rhythm of things, but one group that was still overwhelmed and striving to find a balance were the working mothers.

The pandemic and subsequent lockdown had introduced a new system where many had to work from home meaning 2 separate worlds had now merged into one. Work had now come home and our homes were now offices, so what did that mean for the working mothers? Children that were previously kept busy with school were also stuck at home & now many mothers had to strike a balance between their jobs while also being able to give attention to the children and homes.

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However all hope is not lost as some mothers have managed to adapt their schedules and adapt their lifestyles to fit the new normal. We spoke to some working mothers from e-commerce platform Jumia Uganda that has a percentage of its workforce still working from home and here are some the tips they shared

1. Set a strict schedule

Maria Katumba the head of Jumia onsite and mother of 2 swears by creating a strict schedule that she says following helps her keep things in check. “ Every day I create a schedule that I can follow to ensure my kids have a system that can easily be followed and it allows me to make sure I don’t forget

2. Surround yourself with a support system

For Moureen Akineza, Head of pick up stations and mother of one daughter, a support system is absolutely crucial. “ I think a few mothers are worried about asking for help but don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid to turn to a support system whether it is friends, family or neighbours, surround yourself with people you trust to help. “ she said.

3. Focus on one thing at a time

“ Home time is home time and work is work. Never mix the 2 or try to do everything at once because in most cases you will end up dropping the ball on one thing.”  Caroline Ampaire, Head of Brand & Engagement added.

While there may be no solution that fits all for every working mum, mums can at least take comfort that they are not alone and that there is light at the end of the tunnel they call the new COVID-19 normal.

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