Bafumbira-Banyarwanda-Barundi To celebrate THeir Heritage With “Iwacu Heza” Festival

Bafumbira-Banyarwanda-Barundi To celebrate THeir Heritage With “Iwacu Heza” Festival

All roads will lead to Hill Top Naguru on May 27, 2023, for a fun-filled cultural heritage event dubbed Iwacu Heza which is now in its 6th edition.

The organisers, a group of vibrant youth, said, the much sought-after event seeks to bind them to not only “vibe” but also celebrate their Bafumbira heritage hence cementing a strong youth and a cultural network.

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According to Gilbert Rwalinda, the event organizer, this event aims at bringing together all the Bafumbira, Banyarwanda and Barundi in one space to celebrate their cultural heritage and also showcase their rich values through performing arts, dressing, and local cuisine while connecting the future with the past traditional practices.

Iwacuheza is an event fit for all age groups that will bring together Bafumbira, Banyakigezi and friends of Bafumbira will help the group to unveil their identity but also tap into the uniqueness of a young passion and energy of youth, through exquisite event experiences among others.

Tickets go for 20k ordinary, 50k for the VIP pass and a table of 6 that comes with a bottle of Black label can be reserved at 500k.

This fee covers the entrance charge and the various games that will be available to encourage interaction, connecting and networking.

Various platforms for the purchase of tickets have been designated among them for online, kenjis Kisementi, Yaya extra Kisaasi.

Some of the sponsors of this event include chahafi vibes entertainment, safe boda and Pilsner.

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