Badman Attacks Ivan In New Song

The war between South African based tycoon Ivan Semwanga and singer Suspect Badman is not about to end.Sang about Ivan: Suspect BadmanSang about Ivan: Suspect Badman

The pair who exchanged blows in Pretoria last month have completely fallen out. Suspect has now released a song educating Ivan on social norms.

The song called ‘Byansi Semwanga’ civilizes showoffs, reminding them of their backgrounds and tendencies to disrespect others.Told to behave in a song: Ivan Semwanga Told to behave: Ivan Semwanga

Suspect argues, “I am teaching people especially Ivan Semwanga that money isn’t everything, we got to behave whether rich or poor because we do not know the future holds for us.

He went on to say who you are today, it’s not how you will be tomorrow because life is full of ups and downs.  Click on the below to listen to the song

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